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Jazz Amps For Jazz Musicians

Jazz guitar amplifiers and jazz bass amplifiers for the discerning, our Jazz Amps are small, light, powerful, inexpensive, warmer than Polytone amps or any other amp including tube amps. A Henriksen jazz amp packs sufficient power to play any jazz club in America. Henriksen Jazz Amps provide the warm sound of tube amplifiers in a light, inexpensive, and reliable package.

compact jazz amplifier

My JazzAmp 110 is great! A fat, warm sounding amp that works both as a single combo amp or as a second amp in my stereo setup. Thanks for a fantastic, musical product.
- John Abercrombie

This amp is the answer to all of my nightmares.
- Larry Coryell

I love it. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
- Jimmy Bruno

This is the best amp I've ever played.
- Joe Diorio

This amp is a knock-out!
- Jimmy Wyble

Your amps help make my guitar sing!
- Bobby Broom

The JazzAmp Convertible sounds absolutely great, this is the best!
- Andreas Oberg

By far, the best amp I have ever used.
- Mordy Ferber

It is the amp that jazz guitar players world-wide have been waiting for.
- Trefor Owen

I like that amp, it makes my guitars sound really good.
- Bob Benedetto

I was absolutely blown away.
- Roger Sadowsky

This is the definitive amplifier for the arch-top guitar.
- Dr. Frank DiBussolo

The Henriksen JazzAmp allows me to leave my heavy tube amp in the trunk. Thank you.
- Sid Jacobs

...it's like a dream come true.
- John Hart

I've finished putting it thru it's paces, and all I can say is WOW!!!
- Ronny Jordan

...the amp is great. I am using it for trios to big band. I am very happy. THANK YOU.
- Larry Baione - Chair, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music

Without a doubt, the finest solid state amp I have ever played through
- Dale Bruning, master guitarist and educator.

the amp is now invisible and I am free to play my bass as though I had no amplifier at all
- Steve LaSpina, A-list New York bassist

Perfect reproduction of the acoustic tone of my bass
- Ken Walker, director of jazz bass studies at the Denver University Lamont school of music.

The JazzAmpTM 110 from Henriksen is every jazz guitar players dream. Featuring a 10 Eminence speaker in a cabinet that is 14" X 14" X 8.5" the JazzAmpTM 10 weighs in at only 23 pounds. The extended range model makes the Jazz Amp great for use with nylon and flattop guitars as well.

The JazzAmpTM 112 was originally designed for string bass, but also sounds fantastic for guitar. JazzAmpTM 112 features a 12" Eminence speaker in a cabinet that is 14" X 15.5" X 13" weighing 32 pounds. Best for jazz bassists, 7-string players, or players who utilize a lot of walking bass line style at higher volumes. The extended range model of the Jazz Amp 112 is extremely versatile and great for any jazz instrument from mandolins to stage pianos.

The JazzAmpTM Head from Henriksen uses the same great sounding jazz amplifier in just a head, so that you can use the jazz guitar or jazz bass cabinet of your choice. The JazzAmpTM Head weighs 7 pounds and is perfect for guitar of bass players who just want to travel light.

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Flight Cases

Rolling flight cases for the JazzAmp 110/110-ER are available for $299. CLICK HERE to order!

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